I should be able to collect my medical records and securely share them with whomever I trust.

Gather. Add. Write.

Tell your personal health story the way you want. Share it with anyone.

Gather your records
Log in and automatically gather your health records rapidly from multiple patient portals.
Add your documents
Add documents, images and files to complete your Gliimpse.
Tell your story
Enter health data, write health journals, take standardized surveys. Then share.

From Gliimpse To Great

How to use your digital health to care for your analog life.

Tell your own story

Add your side of your health story, whatever you choose. Your personal story gives your physicians and care team a view into your health they would otherwise never see.


Slide your 911 feature to green to authorize EMTs and ER staff with emergency access to your life-saving info. Coming Soon.

Master your data.

Add data points. Discover insights, trends, and other patterns in your health history.

Care for your family

Data for children, aging parents, spouses and siblings are within your grasp, even if they are miles away.

Form a care circle

The mHealth version of a Tupperware party. Get together to collect and securely share your health story with your care circle.

Pay it forward

Give the gift of your data. Help others help you to find a cure. Donate Your Data (DYD). Coming Soon.

A Gliimpse into people’s lives makes a healthy difference.

Chronic Pain Sufferer

She’s actively managing her chronic conditions, tracking her lab results, and monitoring her vitals. She’s journaling about her pain levels and other information based on her lifestyle.

Cancer Warrior

In the trenches of her cancer care, she’s using her Gliimpse data to find insights that help her advocate for herself and manage her care. Data empowers her.

Proactive Caregivers

A busy mom who’s the family’s primary caregiver. She needs medical records for her kids and her aging parents in one place. Gliimpse helps her care for her loved ones.

Mood Manager

He knows how he's feeling—that’s why he journals about his health every day. His emotions affect his health and that's as important as any clinical data.

We’re serious about privacy, seriously.

We designed and built Gliimpse knowing that our friends and loved ones would use it along with people like you.

Automagic Data Collection
Your data is your data. We don't see it. Gliimpse technology gathers your records, processes the data and continues to build your Gliimpse. Safe, secure, private.
Rigorous Technical Security
We store and encrypt your personally identifiable data and health data separately and your data is encrypted separately from other users. Everything is encrypted with a pair 256 bit PKI keys in motion and in storage.

Learn more about how we safeguard your privacy in our FAQs

What if we told you that we were just getting started?